Wales - South West Area

Ogmore Angling Association

Coordinator  Ian Finylas  05/01/12 Activity 2010 For more information contact

Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust

Coordinator  Helen Johnston  05/01/12 Activity  2007 Training workshops in 2007 and March 2008 formed a strong platform for a comprehensive monitoring programme. Further details to follow.

Teifi Rivers Invertebrate Monitors

Coordinator   Colin Chapman  05/01/12 Sites      Teifi (32) Team     18 Activity   2008 The Teifi River Invertebrate Monitors link to the Teifi Rivers Trust. The volunteer group are working to protect and enhance the Teifi and tributaries. As with many of the rivers in west Wales the water courses are largely impacted by intensive agriculture from the headwaters and along the valley. The group now have more than 20 volunteers committed to the biological monitoring of these water courses and through regular work hope to ensure the improvement of the water quality and return to a natural abundance of aquatic invertebrates.