Activity in Wales Northern includes Rosset and Gressford Fly Fishing Club, Dee Rivers Trust and Clywd, Conwy and Gwynedd Rivers Trust.  Wales South East was a pilot area for the initiative prior to the national launch in 2007, with activity led by Dai Roberts and the Rhymney and South East Wales Flylife Monitoring Group; working in the river Taff, river Sirhowy and river Rhymney and their tributaries. To date four pollution incidences have been identified by the group, two of which led to successful EA prosecutions (see press releases), a third incident was linked to a leaking sewage pipe and the forth incident remains under investigation. The Rivers Lugg and Arrow Fisheries Association joined the initiative in 2008. In Wales South West activity is led by the Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust and the Tiefi Rivers Trust together with the Celtic Rivers Trust. Note that activity in Wales incorporates part of Midlands West Area.