Taking Care of our Chalk Streams - a short film by Solent Journalism showing some of the work carried out by Dr.Cyril Bennett, PSFFA and the Riverfly Partnership, to monitor what lives in the thriving River Meon

England's rivers, including the chalk streams, are under constant threat from pollution, abstraction and numerous other factors
The hard work performed by volunteers, like the river keepers of the Portsmouth Services Fly Fishing Association, helps to preserve a delicate balance on rivers like the Meon in Hampshire.
This film shows some of the monitoring work carried out by entomologist Dr.Cyril Bennett, and the Riverfly Partnership on a stretch the River Meon fished by members of the PSFFA.
The Riverfly Partnership would like to thank Solent Journalism for creating this film giving permission to share the link. Click here to go to vimeo.com and view film.