The Anglers’ Riverfly Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) has been established throughout the UK since 2007 and is coordinated by the Riverfly Partnership. Anglers and conservation volunteers from more than 100 partner organisations carry out regular freshwater invertebrate surveys to check for severe changes in water quality. The ARMI network continues to develop a high level of coverage across UK river systems and, coupled with a high survey frequency, works in partnership with all of the UK’s relevant authorities to: protect the water quality of our rivers, further the understanding of riverfly populations and to conserve riverfly habitats.

The Riverfly Partnership online data repository for ARMI was launched in July 2014 and enables registered volunteers to submit their survey results online. Once survey data is verified by the relevant group coordinator trigger level breaches are automatically emailed to the relevant statutory Riverfly contact so that further action can be taken. Volunteers are then able to view feedback from their coordinator and statutory Riverfly contact to track what actions occur.

The online repository also enables registered users to track survey results over time, from their own site(s) and from all other UK ARMI sites, using data charts and GIS mapping facilities.

The Riverfly Recording Schemes (RRS) encompass the Ephemeroptera (mayfly or up-wing fly), Plecoptera (stonefly) and Trichoptera (caddisfly) recording schemes. These schemes, run by volunteer coordinators, publish guides, run riverfly courses and collate species records. Your riverfly records are important – please submit your records. Data are used for abundance and distribution maps which help drive conservation action.

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