Midlands - East Area

Cressbrook & Litton Fly Fishing Club

Coordinator  Stephen Moores  04/01/12 Sites     River Wye (4) Team    1 Activity  2006 www.cressbrookandlittonflyfishers.co.uk Riverfly workshops were held on the Derbyshire Derwent at Chatsworth in 2006 and attracted interest from a range of angling clubs and river fishery managers in the area. Since then, riverfly monitoring has continued on a monthly basis on the River Wye in Derbyshire, with an improving diversity of aquatic invertebrates recorded since the upgrading of Buxton sewage works in 2004/5: this has included the appearance of stoneflies and the mayfly Ephemera danica, previously absent from samples from the upper river. Other sites such as the River Hamps and River Manifold (Staffordshire Moorlands) have been sampled less frequently. The area currently lacks a co-ordinator so information on the sites sampled, the frequency of sampling and the data collected remains patchy at present.

Derwent Flyfishing Club

Coordinator  David Rowley  04/01/12 Activity 2011 For more information contact ami@riverflies.org

Erewash Foundation

Coordinator  Mick Martin  04/01/12 Sites     River Erewash (12) Team    1 Activity 2010 www.rivererewashfoundation.co.uk We have had 12 riverkeepers monitoring 12 sites along the Erewash throughout 2010 and will be monitoring again from March to November in 2011. Since our Riverfly Workshop members have begun a keen interest in entomology and in areas of restoration improved sample scores have begun to be recorded. Empowering the River Erewash Foundation to carry out their own kick samples to monitor the riverbed invertebrate has definitely added to our aim to protect and improve the bio diversity of our river corridor. Our river keepers wear our own uniform and ID badge while sampling and are often approached by the public where there only too happy to explain about our Riverfly training and the excellent reasons for taking part, while spreading the good word at the same time. Our foundation received the Mayors Award 2010 for services to the community and no doubt Riverfly played its part in us being nominated in the first instance. Although the Erewash is considered a river under stress this partnership as encouraged so much more within our aims of a volunteer river restoration group, reaching far and beyond the riverbed.