Match A Hatch - mobile app for anglers is useful for ARMI monitors too.

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Kevin Adams and Dr. Cyril Bennett MBE have created an app, called “Match A Hatch”, that identifies all the flies on the water while you fish.


Although you will not become an expert entomologist overnight, you will definitely be able to identify the hatching flies and know the correct artificial fly to use. The app works by knowing what month it is, and your location. This allows it to deduce the correct fly.  All the images are high quality life photos of real insects. It's available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.


Match A Hatch is useful for non-angling ARMI monitors too: by selecting the ‘plan trip’ function users can select any calendar month and the app will highlight the mayfly, caddis, stonefly and other fly species which you could find on the wing at the river. A high quality image is accompanied by a binomial and angler riverfly name, meaning anyone can learn which angler riverfly name applies to which binomial riverfly name and vice versa. ARMI monitors can also use the app to compare images of adult riverfly forms to the corresponding larval forms which they collect during a 3 minute kick sample and 1 minute hand stone search.


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