Important information about Riverfly Partnership monitoring kits and 'Riverrfly monitoring' guides

Please note that the Riverfly Partnership guide 'Riverfly Monitoring' (formerly the FSC guide 'River invertebrate monitoring for anglers') is not included with the Riverfly Partnership approved monitoring kits supplied by EFE & GB Nets.

The current listing and image for Riverfly Partnership approved monitoring kits, found on the EFE & GB Nets website is causing some confusion and will be updated shortly to reflect the inclusion of the FSC guide 'The freshwater name trail'. ARMI Participant packs, including the 'Riverfly monitoring' guide are an essential component of one-day ARMI workshops and remain exclusively available from the Riverfly Partnership.

If you are interested in holding a one-day ARMI workshop and to order participant packs please email the national ARMI coordinator,