Holding a Riverfly Event

Holding a riverfly event / promoting freshwater life

There are great resources available to help you -

Free publications available from The Riverfly Partnership

See publications for:

Riverflies fold out leaflet (including poster on reverse) - order copies from ben@riverflies.org

Mayfly Lifecycle poster - A3 downloadable

Caddisfly Lifecycle poster - A3 downloadable

Mayflies poster - A3 very limited availability; from ben@riverflies.org for specific events

Pollution indicator flip cards - to be available soon

See Riverfly Recording Scheme surveys for:

Survey postcards for targetted flies - e.g. Southern Iron Blue. See here for downloadable versions. Or contact info@riverflies.org for hard copies. See publicationsfor further details of these easy to use, fold out, laminated guides. Freshwater Name Trail - £2.75 plus p&p. Ideal for identifying various freshwater bugs Guide to stonefly families - £3.50 plus p&p

Guide to adult caddiflies - £3.50 plus p&p

Pictorial guide to Ephemeroptera £15/copy plus p&p Similar guides are available from the Field Studies Council on a wide range of groups including freshwater fishes and dragonflies.

Recommended equipment - for showing bugs

All available as individual items from EFE & GB Nets unless stated otherwise. Indicate that you are an RP customer to qualify for a discount. Delivery costs are not included in per item costs below. Often everyday items can be used.

Sieve or net (to collect a sample from the water body. Note the Riverfly Partnership generic risk assessment and dynamic risk assessment must be followed at all times).

Large white bucket - for washing and storing the sample (approx £2.50 plus VAT - GB & EFE Nets). Many catering establishments are happy to provide their used containers with lids that are ideal. It may be useful, if holding the sample throughout the day, where you have an electricity supply, to have a small aquarium aerator to keep the water oxygenated. Small small aerators are available from aquarium shops / garden centres at a small cost. Robust white tray - for displaying the sample (approx £7.40 plus VAT - GB & EFE Nets). Any tray can be used, catering bread trays are ideal as large and shallow.

Small containers or separating trays - for isolating specimens to view. Any shallow white/clear shallow container.  If using a clear container it may be useful to have laminated sheets of white paper as a background sheet.

Magnifier - to look at the bugs close up (approx 80p each plus VAT - GB & EFE Nets) These are ideal to give to interested children as gifts or prizes and encourages ongoing interest.

Folding table magnifier - robust table magnifiers to look at the bugs close up.

These are ideal - and can act as easy to use simple robust 'microscopes' with a wide view area. The Riverfly Partnership uses Blackspur 110mm Folding Magnifiers available for approximately £5 each including postage and packing from various retailers including Ebay.

Activities for children

Create a river mural 'A river good for bugs is good for everything' Acknowledgement to the Wild Trout Trust Make a large display board to symbolise a river profile using coloured sheets - river bed, water, emergent and bankside vegetation, sky.  And provide templates for children to colour in bugs, birds and fish.  This is both a great competition and gives a wonderful interactive colourful display or developing backdrop to your event. Templates for the creatures will be uploaded shortly.

Activity sheets for children The Salmon & Trout Association are pleased to share their resources - to be uploaded shortly.

Useful links and resources

Association of Rivers Trusts Eden Rivers Trust - Discover Eden has a wide range of eductational resources. OPAL (Open Air Laboratories) including Still water survey resources, Water wonders fact sheet, Pond puzzler and Water quiz. Our Rivers Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) - The Brown Trout Big Book (contact S&TA for copies). S&TA will be publishing an equivalent book for Salmon - The Silver Leaper. The Wildlife Trusts Wild Trout Trust - Mayfly in the Classroom