Have you experienced problems with ARMI data missing in the online data repository?

A number of ARMI coordinators and monitors have recently reported missing data when reviewing records within the online Riverfly Partnership (RP) data repository. The issues were immediately reported to the FBA technical team and RP is happy to report that the missing data bug has now been fixed and extensively tested to ensure correct functionality has fully resumed. Overall ARMI scores were not affected because they are saved on data submission, the issues were caused by a variable not working correctly during data extraction, affecting some data records.

Unfortunately it is not possible for the FBA techncal team to identify every affected record so if you suspect this issue has affected any of your records please email Ben Fitch, ben@riverflies.org, with a list of record numbers and respective corrections as soon as possible. The FBA will apply the corrections and the records will appear on each relevant coordinator's verification menu, allowing coordinators to check that previuosly affected records are working correctly.