Fascinating Riverfly life - FREE to download slide shows for engaging with schools and anglers about ARMI

Thanks to the considerable efforts of Dr Ueli Zellweger two new slide shows are now freely available to organisations and individuals looking to engage with schools and anglers respectively. Each show is about the importance of river water quality, how Riverflies can be monitored as indicators of severe changes in water quality and how volunteers can become citizen scientists involved with the Anglers Riverfly Monitoring Initiative, or Riverfly Monitoring. Funding to produce the shows was contributed by the Riverfly Partnership and South West Water (Dr David Smith), through the Upstream Thinking initiative, with further support provided by Salmon & Trout Conservation UK. Dr Cyril Bennett has also been kind enough to permit the use of some of his excellent invertebrate images in the shows. To download either version of the show please click on the relevant link below:

Fascinating Riverfly Life – for schools engagement

Riverfly Show for anglers – for angling engagement