Environment Agency Publishes Pollution Incident Report 2014

As recently reported by the Bristol Avon Rivers Trust, the Environment Agency’s 2014 summary of pollution incidents was published in July. The full report, which you can read here, makes interesting reading and suggests that whilst there was a decrease in the overall number of serious pollution incidents in 2014 (614), compared with 2013 (688), the total number is still higher when compared to 2012 (503). According to the report these are the top 5 sectors which caused seriuos pollution incidents in 2014:

1. farming: 97 incidents (87 caused by non-permitted farms; 10 by intensive farms with permits), 16% of the total number of serious pollution incidents

2. water companies: 61 incidents, 10% of the total

3. non-hazardous waste treatment facilities with permits: 51 incidents, 8% of the total

4. biowaste treatment facilities with permits: 36 incidents, 6%

5. landfill facilities with permits: 34 incidents, 6% of the total