Examples of RP and partner educational links are noted with developments ongoing.  See also ARMI workshops, identification courses, publications and partner websites. Field Studies Council Freshwater Name Trail - excellent and simple laminated fold out guide to freshwater invertebrates. Ideal entry level guide. Eden Rivers Trust has an innovative education programme for groups at primary, secondary and higher education levels. The Trust also runs teacher training days and is the ambassador for the Riverfly Partnership Anglers Monitoring Intiative for the Eden catchment.

Mayfly in the classroom - The Wild Trout Trust

Mayfly in the Classroom is an innovative initiative developed as part of the Wild Trout Trust's "Trout in the Town" programme. Through the programme participating classes learn about healthy ecology in river corridors and streams and the threats to these ecosystems. Combining the care and cultivation of mayfly nymphs in homemade classroom aquaria with a "release-day" visit to their local stream fosters a protective instinct within participants. The special link between the mayflies and the trout is also highlighted in the context of stream foodwebs along with the inter-dependence of habitat, water quality and diverse flora/fauna in both aquatic and riparian zones. For further information contact Sue Scott at the Wild Trout Trust for further information at

PhD 'Impact of river management on riverfly life'

funded by the John Spedan Lewis Foundation, this PhD is entitled ‘Impact of river management on riverfly life – a threatened link in the food chain'. The leads are The Natural History Museum, University College London, Queen Mary, University of London with collaborative support from The Riverfly Partnership.

BTCV Natural Talent Riverfly Apprentice, Scotland

The Riverfly Partnership and Open University (OU) have agreed a collaborative approach to establishing a long distance learning programme in freshwater ecology. The initiative will commence with the development of OU 10 credit modules with the vision of establishing a Freshwater Ecology Diploma.

Current research University of Cardiff - Professor Steve Ormerod

Post-doctoral research - Prof Steve Ormerod in collaboration with Dr Ian Vaughan (funded by RCUK) Hydrogeomorphology and the distribution of river invertebrates Dr Isabelle Durance (funded by NERC/Daphne Jackson Trust/EA) i) Climate-change effects on headwater stream ecological function as indicated by invertebrates ii) THERES/THERESNow Thermal effects on river ecosystems of the south, north and Wales.  The project is examing long-term trends in riverflies, and comparing sensitivity between groups Dr Esther Clews (Wye and Usk Foundation) The effects of hydrochemical restoration on river organisms in acid-sensitive parts of the Wye PhD studies Stefano Larsen (Wye and Usk Foundation) Effects of sediment deposition on upland riverflies Laura Trodden (Cardiff Engineering; with Catherine Wilson) Climate change, stream hydraulics and stream invertebrates Jacqui Platt (NERC)
Habitat complexity and riverfly biodiversity MSc projects Samantha Davies Assessing the accuracy of ‘riverfly’ monitoring data in the rivers of SE Wales

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