New Extended Riverfly Groups Identification Chart

a stack of bankside identification guides featuring a photo of groups of people identfiyign invertebrates on the bank of a riverNow available: the perfect pocket-sized accompaniment for quick and easy bankside identification of invertebrate groups. 

This fully encapsulated chart folds out to reveal 36 pages complete with pictures and descriptions to aid in the recognition of 33 invertebrate groups that are commonly found in standing and running waters in Great Britain. Tolerance to stressors is summarised for nutrients, slow flow, sediment, and acidity using a color-coded key. Each invertebrate group also features a handy section in which users can write their own notes when out in the field.

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Produced by John Davy-Bowker in collaboration with the FBA, Environment Agency, Wessex Water YTL Group, Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project, Dorset Wildlife Trust, & The Riverfly Partnership. Special thanks to Mike Dobson for the use of his line drawings, Jane Franklin of Dorset Wildlife Trust for producing the InDesign proofs, and Vitacress Conservation Trust for providing funding support.

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