Change to pricing of ARMI participant packs to take effect from Wednesday 1st April 2020

Change to pricing of ARMI participant packs

Please be advised that the cost of ARMI participant packs is increasing from 1st April 2020. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly but it is necessary in order to cover production, order fulfilment, and invoicing costs following more than six years of ARMI participant pack pricing being frozen. During that time, production costs have increased, funding pressures have increased, and costs to the Riverfly Partnership in general have increased. We held off from increasing ARMI participant pack prices for as long as possible but it is no longer sustainable to provide them at a subsidised price.

Please continue to order packs by email from Kirsty Hadwin at FBA, Windermere ( Kirsty will fulfil your order and issue invoices accordingly.

The cost to purchase packs from 1st April 2020 will be as follows:

ARMI participant pack option 1 - cost £10 per pack plus p&p

This is the most commonly requested option. Folders, 'Riverfly monitoring' guides, Dynamic Risk Assessment cards, RP contact cards, Lyme/Weils cards, sharps injury cards, RP cards, and numbered certificates will be sent by post (certificates should be posted directly to the relevant RP certificated tutor). The remaining inserts will be sent electronically via email to the local host to be printed and collated into packs with the posted materials.  

ARMI participant pack option 2 - cost £20 per pack plus p&p

This option is available if the capacity to print off materials locally does not exist. All materials are collated into individual packs and placed in folders prior to posting. Certificates should still be posted directly to the relevant RP certificated tutor.

Thank you from all at the Riverfly Partnership for your support and understanding