The aquatic stages of Riverflies are easy to collect.  Kick sampling is the most efficient method in running water, whilst in standing water a net can be swept through submerged vegetation or the substrate can be disturbed and the net swept through the disturbed water.  Adult Riverflies can be collected by examining bankside trees and other vegetation.  Alternatively, adults can be caught as they swarm near the water.

It is imperative that voucher specimens are retained to back up your identifications.  To prepare a voucher specimen the insect should be placed in a specimen tube filled with 75% Isopropyl alcohol.  Isopropyl alcohol (sometimes called Isopropanol) is available from most pharmacies and costs approximately £6 for 500ml.  Once you have preserved your specimen in alcohol a small slip of paper should be inserted in the tube with details of the location, date and grid reference of where the specimen was collected, together with the collector's and species name.  These details should be written in pencil, as the alcohol will make ink fade and run.