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Willow Brook Fly Fishers

Coordinator  Mike Palmer 04/01/12 Sites     Willow Brook Team    5 Activity  Starting July 2008 Willow Brook Flyfishers hosted a Monitoring Training Day in July 2008. As well as 5 of our own members there were representatives from other clubs on the Upper Cam, Mimram and Nar. Folliwing the identification of suitable sites there will be regular monitoring of the water. The Willow Brook starts life in the industrial estates of Corby, Northamptonshire, and runs for about 15 miles until it enters the River Nene at Elton. Historically there has been heavy metal pollution from steel production until Corby steelworks closed in 1980. The steelworks took water from Eyebrook Reservoir for cooling and conveniently discharged it into the Willow Brook. The first record of stocking with trout was in 1954 when Peter Tombleson, Editor of the Angling Times, stocked a short length near to his home at Woodnewton. Four years later The Willow Brook Flyfishers was formed and 3 ½ miles of river was stocked annually. This continued for the next 46 years until 2004 when an Advisory Visit from the Wild Trout Trust started changes in management which are ongoing and of which Riverfly Monitoring is a part. We have introduced a hatchery box, installed flow deflectors, cleaned gravel beds and ceased stocking in half of the water.