Anglia - Central Area

Audley End Fly Fishers

Coordinator  John Brownbridge  04/01/12 Activity  2008 Following a workshop in July 2008, monitoring activity was established on this stretch of the Cam. Further details to follow.

Cambridge Trout Club

Coordinators Alan Saggers  04/01/12 Sites     River Cam (3) Team    3 Activity  July 2008 Monitoring on the Cam began on the 16 July, following the Riverfly Partnership workshop, delivered by Steve Brooks, in early July. The sample sites include: 1) a ranunculus bed with riffle in an open situation; 2) the downstream end of a long, wide riffle, with scattered weed beds in a reasonably open situation and 3) a mainly tree shadowed site, with muddier bed. A wetland area which includes lakes, developed by the landowner upstream of site 1. Cambridge Trout Club is collaborating with the associated Wetlands Community Conservation Group, which carry out surveys on plants and insect life (especially dragonflies) in that area.

River Nar Trout Fishery

Coordinator  Paul Oakley  04/01/12 Sites      River Nar (1) Team      2 Activity   July 2008 The initiative commenced on the river Nar in July 2008, following the first Anglia workshop. A single site is being monitored on the River Nar - in an area designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The activity is likely to expand in 2009.