Riverfly Projects

All of the projects detailed here are for use by Citizen Scientists. The Riverfly Partnership acknowledges and thanks our partners, without whom none of these projects would have been developed or launched.

Anglers' Riverfly Monitoring Initiative (ARMI)

The Anglers’ Riverfly Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) is a citizen science project that enables trained volunteers, such as anglers and conservationists, to protect river water quality by monitoring eight pollution sensitive invertebrates and complement the work carried out by statutory agency staff across the UK.

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Urban Riverfly

Urban Riverfly includes an additional six aquatic invertebrate types to the eight used in the original ARMI scheme and can be used across a number of different river systems, but especially modified rivers and those influenced by conurbations.

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Extended Riverfly

Includes 33 invertebrate groups to provide a more detailed picture of the stressors on a river than the basic ARMI scheme.

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Freshwater Watch

A tool for monitoring water quality and water chemistry.

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The MoRPh Survey enables river enthusiasts to get involved in recording and assessing physical habitat and hydromorphological functioning in their local rivers and streams.

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Outfall Safari

A simple method to detect and report pollution as a result of misconnections.

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Ecosystem Function Assessment

Measures decomposition rates.

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Through SmartRivers, Salmon &Trout Conservation are using aquatic invertebrate species as a diagnostic test, to understand more about the subtle, but significant, water quality pressures stressing juvenile fish.

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