Get Involved

Monitoring is an excellent way to protect river health while fostering local community, science and and sustainability.

Individuals interested in becoming a volunteer Riverfly monitor should register their interest with their local Riverfly hub coordinator. To find out who that is please use the contact us page.

Organisations interested in joining the Anglers' Riverfly Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) must have a member who is prepared to act as a local coordinator (to serve as a contact point between the EA / SEPA / NRW / NIEA and the monitoring group) and have members attend an official ARMI workshop. The workshop includes presentations, practical demonstrations and active participation. For more information please contact us.

Training Costs for Organisations

For new groups our accredited tutors can deliver one-day workshops to up to 12 participants. Equipment will need to be provided, this costs approximately £700 for a group of 12 and funding must be raised lcally in advance. Tutor and venue costs vary according to location and availability. As a rough guide for fundraising purposes, a fee of up to £1000 to cover tutor time and expenses is suggested. In practice, tutor fees (time, including prep/delivery/debrief/travel; travel expenses; accomodation, and subsistence) are kept to a minimum and charged on at cost in order to keep the total as low as possible.


Funding to establish and support an ARMI group is often secured locally as part of a wider river focused project (such as habitat improvement, fish passage, or other initiatives) because ARMI fulfils many project requirements such as monitoring, citizen science, and public engagement.

Community groups in search of funding opportunities are encouraged to speak to their local ARMI hub coordinators. In the past, some groups have successfully applied to the Awards for All fund (to fund ARMI training and equipment). More recently, some funding has been available through local Catchment Partnerships under the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA).