About Us

Who We Are

The Riverfly Partnership is a dynamic network of organisations, representing anglers, conservationists, entomologists, scientists, water course managers and relevant authorities, working together to:

  • protect the water quality of our rivers;
  • further the understanding of riverfly populations, and;
  • conserve riverfly habitats.

The Riverfly Partnership (RP) is hosted by the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) as part of FBA's active engagement in the management and conservation of the aquatic environment. RP reports to the RP Executive Committee whose members include the FBA, the Environment Agency, Salmon & Trout Conservation and the RP Chairman, Steve Brooks.

What We Do

The Riverfly Partnership works according to its core aims by:

  • providing a forum for raising issues affecting riverflies;
  • developing consensus and collaborative action; 
  • raising public and strategic awareness of riverflies, their importance to aquatic conservation and ecological function; 
  • involving people in monitoring and recording riverflies;
  • offering leadership and disseminating expertise in the effective acquisition and interpretation of riverfly monitoring data;
  • stimulating scientific research to answer key questions about issues affecting riverflies;
  • improving the conservation status of riverfly species by securing healthy and sustainable populations;
  • increasing and promoting knowledge about positive management techniques;
  • seeking to form and influence debate of current issues.

As well as increasing the availability of this information the Riverfly Partnership will address declines in riverfly populations, including declines in overall abundance and threats to individual species.