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Trichoptera (Caddisflies)

Cased caddis larvae make elaborate cases out of silk which they adorn with pieces of vegetation, stones or other material. Adult caddisflies are moth-like insects which generally fly at night. They hold their wings above their body in a roof-shape when at rest. Many are attracted to light and the Scheme particularly welcomes records from moth enthusiasts using light traps.

The Trichoptera Recording Scheme aims to map the distribution in England, Scotland and Wales of the 199 species, and note the habitats where they live.

The Scheme currently holds around a quarter of a million records which are used to produce county checklists and help direct conservation efforts.

Caddisflies are also being investigated for the role they can play in general habitat conservation assessments.

Records, particularly from still waters and small water-bodies of any type are welcomed by the Scheme.

The sedge of the water by Dr Ian Wallace, published by Salmo Trutta 2004 pp 70-73, includes a popular introduction to the group, with details of the life cycle and a calendar of when species are most likely to be seen in flight. The article has been made available by The Wild Trout Trust.

The sedge of the water by Dr Ian Wallace –PDF-File, 2.3 MB