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Southern - Solent and South Downs Area

Brockenhurst Fly Fishers

Monitoring underway downstream of Lyndhurst and Boldre on the Lymington River. Further details to follow.

Portsmouth Services Fly Fishing Association

Coordinator  Bill McLean  05/01/12 Sites      Itchen (2), Meon (1) Team     15 Activity    2007 Portsmouth Services Fly Fishing Association (PSFFA) first started monitoring fly life on their Manor and Brambridge beats in 1996, just one year after the start of monitoring by the John Spedan Lewis Trust for the Advancement of the Natural Sciences at two River Test sites on their Leckford Estate.  Monitoring of Mayfly and Blue-winged Olive (BWO) nymphs was carried using the Surber Sampler methodology developed by Dr Cyril Bennett at Leckford.  Data were copied to Dr Bennett for incorporation into Test and Itchen  (T & I) Association reports. However, from the end of the 2007 season to date monitoring has been carried out using the three minute “kick” sample method agreed by The Riverfly Partnership and the Environment Agency.  Data are copied to both the T & I Association and to the Environment Agency at Colden Common, Hampshire. Between 2007 and 2009 the PSFFA sponsored the attendance of 15 members on the John Spedan Lewis monitoring course at their Leckford study centre.  Whilst some of these accredited members only carry out occasional counts other carry out several counts in the season, and this has enabled the PSFFA to extend monitoring to the River Meon. The PSFFA became an official partner of The Riverfly Partnership in April 2009.

The Anton River Conservation Association (TARCA)

Coordinator  Matthew Owen-Farmer  05/01/12 Sites    River Anton (4) Team    4 Activity  2011 For more information contact

The Test and Itchen Association

Coordinator  Tom Davis  05/01/12 Activity   April 2009 The Test and Itchen Association provided training in the AMI to river keepers from across the Test and Itchen catchment at 3 one-day Riverfly Partnership AMI workshops in March 2009.  The workshops were sponsored by the Test and Itchen Association, riparian owners and Natural England Countdown 2010 with a grant of equipment from The Environment Agency.  Monitoring will continue apace with river keepers providing an active role in helping to ensure the good water quality of these great rivers.