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Riverfly Recording Schemes

The Riverfly Recording Schemes, established by the national recorders for caddisflies (Trichoptera), mayflies (Ephemeroptera) and stoneflies (Plecoptera), celebrates the common ground that exists between the three groups of insects.

Caddisflies, mayflies and stoneflies form a natural group and are found in similar habitats as both young and adults. The Riverfly Recording Scheme aims to:

  • champion caddisflies, mayflies and stoneflies;
  • produce identification guides to the groups;
  • encourage and facilitate recorders to widen their expertise across these groups;
  • run joint and specific training/recording events;
  • contribute information to inform UK conservation priorities;
  • and play an instrumental role in the Riverfly Partnership.

The Riverfly Recording Schemes Report 2010/11

Riverfly Recording Schemes Report 2010-11 –PDF-File, 711.9 KB

The Riverfly Recording Scheme welcomes your records

The Recording Scheme Coordinators welcome your records - and they will be pleased to assist you with advice regarding identification and recording.

Send your riverfly questions to Craig Macadam by email

Volunteers from the Anglers Monitoring Initiative are invited to send their caddisfly images to Ian Wallace for identification - see here.

On line recording for all Riverfly species is available using iRecord.

For more information on the Riverfly Recording Scheme surveys contact Craig Macadam via email