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North West - North Area

Following the training sessions held in may 2008, a number of anglers in North and South Cumbria have undertaken river invertebrate monitoring this year, and combined with those anglers already participating in the scheme have supplied a total of 88 returns from 24 sites on 7 different catchments.

Download the 2008 report for Cumbria –PDF-File, 4.0 MB

Eden Rivers Trust

Coordinator  Becky Helm  23/12/11

Sites     Eden catchment: River Eden(11); River Petteril (2). Lyne catchment (2)

Team     17

Activity   Since August 2005, with expansion 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011

Two sites on the River Eden have been monitored since 2005 forming part of the pilot for the National Initiative. The sites fall above and below a drainage culvert coming off the M6 - the sites were selected to monitor the associated impact from the culvert on the water quality.

There have been 3 AMI training days within the Eden catchment, in 2008, 2009 and 2010. From these training days 29 people were trained of which 17 are actively monitoring 15 sites (13 in the Eden Catchment & 2 in a neighbouring catchment which still fall under the local EA area). Funding the training days and on-going co-ordination including support days etc has been a challenge. Last year we managed to secure funding through the Big Lottery’s Awards for All Fund and this year we are hoping to secure funding through the Big Lottery’s OPAL Fund. We had our first ‘refresher/networking’ meeting in January for the AMI monitors which proved to be a very positive event. We hope to continue running these twice a year (summer & winter – subject to funding) as they are a useful information sharing/networking opportunity for the AMI monitors.

South Cumbria Rivers Trust

Coordinator  Peter Evoy  23/12/11

Sites      Catchments: Crake (4), Bela (1), Leven (1), Duddon (10)

Team      14

Activity   June 2007, with expansion 2009, 2010 and 2011

South Cumbria Rivers Trust held 2 workshops in 2007 and monitoring activity commenced apace, with a further workshop, held at the Freshwater Biological Association, (FBA) Windemere, training 12 new partcipants in spring 2008.

A further training course has been held at the FBA, Windermere (Saturday 9th May 2009), with 14 participants now fully trained.

Report on riverfly monitoring on the river Bela - 2007

Following the successful South Cumbria Riverfly Partnership training days in April 2007, an approved routine monitoring site on the River Bela u/s A6 Bridge at Beetham (SD 497 797) was set up by Milnthorpe Anglers.

There is an Environment Agency routine monitoring site approx. 200m further upstream (SD 498 795). This site has been sampled more or less twice yearly since 1990 allowing target and trigger levels to be set for the Riverfly monitoring site. The report from this monitoring in 2007 is available for download below.  It gives some background information on Riverfly monitoring and demonstrates monitoring from an angling group's perspective.

Download the river Bela report 2007 –PDF-File, 2.11.1 KB

Download the course leaflet –PDF-File, 235.0 KB