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Ephemeroptera (Mayflies or Up-wing flies)

With fossils dating back over 300 million years, mayflies are some of the oldest winged insects known. There are 51 species of these delicate insects known from the British Isles.  

Their larvae are found in a wide range of freshwater habitats including rivers, lakes, canals and ditches.  Adults are oſten seen dancing alongside the water on warm summer days, however some species can be seen in flight throughout the year. Their wings are held upright, butterfly-like above their body.
The Ephemeroptera Recording Scheme was established in 2000 to promote the study and recording of Ephemeroptera species found in the British Isles.  Records are used to study species distribution and status and to direct conservation effort. To date approximately a quarter of a million records have been collated, the majority of which are of larvae in running waters.
The Scheme welcomes all records and has a particular interest in those from still water or of adults.
In the month of the mayfly by Craig Macadam, published in Salmo Trutta 2003 pp 64-67, includes an introduction to the group, details of the life cycle and a calendar of when species are most likely to be seen in flight. The article has been made available by The Wild Trout Trust. In the month of the mayfly - Craig Macadam –PDF-File, 1.6 MB