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Current Surveys - Trichoptera

Have you seen adults of the Window Winged Sedge?

Window Winged Sedge survey postcard –PDF-File, 749.2 KB


Adult Caddisfly Occurence Scheme - Stuart Crofts

The Adult Caddisfly Occurence Scheme was set up by Stuart Crofts in 2006 to improve our understanding of adult caddisflies, their distribution and flight patterns. A report is produced annually and species records are shared with the Trichoptera Recording Scheme.

Adult caddisflies around our British waters are generally under recorded. Stuart aims to improve our knowledge and awareness of distributions by collating data of where and when adult caddisfly species are on the wing in Great Britain and Ireland.

Your involvement in the initiative is welcomed. Involvement incorporates collecting any type of adult caddisfly (there are almost 200 species in the UK) found on or near the water, attracted by house lights or collected in moth traps.

See below for related articles, including the 2007 ACOS Report and data (which also includes information on how to take part in the Scheme). For further information, or to take part in the scheme register your contact details with Stuart via email   

Adult caddisflies: just how important? Stuart Crofts Salmo Trutta 2007 p64-65 –PDF-File, 918.8 MB
2007 Report and data - Adult Caddisfly Occurance Scheme –PDF-File, 73.4 MB