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Current surveys - Ephemeroptera

Have you seen adults of the March Brown?

March Brown survey postcard –PDF-File, 137.2 KB

Have you seen adults of the Southern Iron Blue?

Southern Iron Blue survey postcard –PDF-File, 136.5 KB

Have you seen the adults of the Yellow May Dun

Yellow Mayfly survey postcard –PDF-File, 529.2 KB

Adult Ephemeroptera Survey

The Ephemeroptera Recording Scheme is calling for you to record and submit adult Ephemeroptera records to help inform knowledge of the current flight periods of the various Ephemeroptera species. More poeple recording and more records are needed to get a better picture, including collecting specimens after the close of the fishing season so that we can see what is happening throughout the year. For more information and collection tubes contact Craig Macadam via email: . In the 'standard' flight period tables the only British species that is currently listed for every month is the Large dark olive Baetis rhodani, however Small dark olives Baetis scambus crop up in winter and there's even a record of Mayfly Ephemera danica from New Year's Day. See article In the month of the mayfly by Craig Macadam, above. Adult Ephemeroptera Survey –PDF-File, 389.3 MB